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E-learning course

The result of the project will be the comprehensive eLearning course “SusCooks” for professional cooks and managers in catering/gastronomy sector. It will contain five modules:  Orientation-Cooks can change the world, Procuring, Planning, Preparing and Promoting.

The learning platform at www.suscook.eu is based on Moodle CMS software and uses some of the latest e-learning tools.

The eLearning platform will meet the needs and demands of the different target groups with particularly eligible and innovative learning methods referring to the new learning habits (eLearning, IT-based tools, Moodle).

Used learning tools allow a combination and interlacing of e-learning/distance learning and live, collaborative learning in face-to-face sessions. The didactic concept will be validated and further refined in workshops by expert teachers. Face to face and e-learning courses, teaching units and materials will be tested and revised in each country.

The course curriculum will be implemented into the educational practice in the partner countries by the project partners themselves or through collaboration with other educational institutions.