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30 Nov 2013

Project "Suscooks" partners meet in Hamburg

Posted by Tom Václavík

The Suscooks project partners met on their first project meeting in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting was hosted by Ökomarkt Verbraucher und Agrarberatung e. V.

Part of the meeting took part at the Gut Wulksfelde organic farm outside of Hamburg.

The group also visited the restaurant of the organic farm Gut Wulksfelde. The chef gave an introduction into his kitchen concept and described that he is trying to use as many products as possible from the farm (seasonal cooking). He is only using organic and fair products. He said that the presentation of being somehow different is important. He has two apprentices who are lucky to learn here in this environment where they have to cook and not just to wash dishes or open packages. He said the costs of the raw material are about 20 percent higher than conventional produce. After being in business for 5 years now he can see that people come again to eat here because of quality and atmosphere (they can feel and taste the difference).